Haechi 해치 2019 Korean drama Historical, Adventure Jung Il-Woo Go Ara


A great and a true king's story, everyone want became like him,
It's based on true events. Even it's a historical drama. I think this one is different.
It's not going to surprise you, never regret to you either.

Fight scenes all well done it, but not extraordinary fight.

Romance in this drama is a little but very sweet. No difficulties in their relationship.
During shooting Go Ara injured, Because of that we going miss her in 23th episode, and we can see her again in episode 33.

Mostly in this drama King's relationship to his people. That time he facing political issues.
Kings relationship with his friends all ordinary and good people.

There a tragic romance in this drama between evil and kindness. Their story is tragic, but that a great story too. (Park Hoon and Bae Jung-Hwa)

Can i watch it or not?

 Yes,You can watch it if you have time. I finished now (26 July 2019, 8:00 PM). So if you like historical drama. Add this one to your list. You'll never disappointed.I already said that not strongest story but a great story.

After watching this one you hope a king like him to rule our world.

Anyway everyone did a great job in this drama.

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