Exit 2019 (Korean Movie) 엑시트 Ekshiteu Action-Comedy


Exit 2019 엑시트 Ekshiteu Action-Comedy


Cho Jung-Seok as jobless person. He looking for a job. When he is university his hobby was rock climbing. Which he was an active participant in his university days.
Yoona who is his friend. Cho Jung-Seok confessed his feelings for her back then, but Yoona rejected him.
Cho Jung-Seok's mother Ko Du-Shim is set to turn 70-years-old and she will have a birthday celebration at a convention hall.
He met her again in that convention hall.Yoona works as an assistant manager at the convention hall.
But actually he did it on purpose to select the convention hall.
Because Cho Jung-Seok still holds feelings for Yoona.
Suddenly a man spreads lethal gas throughout the area.
No one can get out of that building.
If you read further you can't watch this. There is lot funny movements and thrilling too.

My Opinion About This Movie. 

Can i watch this? Worth it?
Yes, You will love it. Specially Cho Jung-Seok's acting is real funny. There is cute Yoona.
She did well her action scenes.  He is also did his part.
I like it because it's thrilling to watch.
More *Spoiler alert

When he can't forget his love. He pretended to be okay. But when he meet again her. He decide to meet her again. And he purposely booked convention hall where she working as a assistant manager.

When there is a disaster happened. Helicopter rescued his family due to over wait. Yoona can't get that helicopter. Because of Yoona he stayed with her. 
They trying to getting help. 
That time the gas is increasing it's height. They decided to escape together from building to building.

I forget to tell you that they both love "rock climbing". Also they are in university  club.

Enjoy this movie.

See you again.

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